We protect with love: children's safety is our concern!

Emergency center and medical assistance by phone
Hospital evacuation service
Referral for the child to the nearest emergency room
Hospitalization services

We work together with the Ministry of Education and the ministry
industry, commerce and employment, to provide a system of protection and
Safety in kindergartens and nurseries. That’s why we strongly recommend it
Installation of emergency call buttons – your reliable assistant in an emergency

The advantages of emergency call buttons:
● Get help quickly: our emergency buttons
Ensure the prompt calling of the necessary assistance and its prompt arrival
to the place of the event.
● Professional telemedicine team: with one simple push, you
Contact our professional telemedicine team for less than
per minute, while ensuring safety in every kindergarten and nursery.

What is an emergency button service?
Our emergency button is a technological system,
who immediately sends a distress call in kindergarten,
Saves you from wasting precious time on installation
Telephone contact with emergency medical services. When you press a button
Disasters, our medical center responds immediately and tries to do so
Contact the kindergarten to find out the details of the event. If there is no answer,
Emergency assistance is quickly dispatched to the scene of the call.

Our emergency centers:
Our professional and experienced emergency centers are always ready to help
in emergency situations. Our experienced team provides comprehensive
Medical support. The center maintains constant contact with the child
Garden, initiate calls to check equipment and inform contacts about
Any unusual event in the garden.

Emergency call buttons in kindergartens