Professional medical examination
    Few Steps
    Main stages of interaction
    operations center

    This is a special medical room where surgeries and procedures are performed. in the operations center
    Experienced surgeons and medical staff work, the equipment meets high standards of safety and technological equipment. Here
    Various operations are performed - from minimally invasive to complex surgical interventions. The operations center provides a safe and efficient surgical environment and helps patients return to healthy and active lives.

    External inspection

    The initial medical stage, during which the doctor carefully examines the external signs of the patient's health. During the examination, the specialist checks the condition of the skin, mucous membranes,
    Feels the lymph nodes and areas of the body to identify potential abnormalities or symptoms of disease. This is an important procedure for early detection of problems, determination of health status and charity
    Additional medical advice or treatment.

    blood analysis

    This is a laboratory study that allows to assess the health status of the patient by analyzing the blood components. During this process, the levels of the various cells, hemoglobin, glucose and other important indicators are studied. The blood test provides valuable information about
    The general condition of the body reveals the presence of infections, anemia, liver disease, kidney disease and many other diseases. This is a necessary procedure to determine the diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment.

    Urgent care

    This is a quick and professional intervention, given in cases of serious illness, when immediate medical treatment is required to save life or prevent worsening of the patient's condition.