Even in difficult times, you can count on advanced medical services,
that will make your life easier. Our company provides a convenient call option
A doctor at home with just one easy press of the emergency button.

Forget about uncomfortable trips and long waits. You don’t have to spend more
Travel time to the hospital.

We have created a convenient and efficient medical system that will reach you,
To help you stay warm and comfortable at home.

Our experts are real professionals trained to act
extreme situations. They will be diagnosed quickly and accurately, and if necessary,
provide first aid.

Our team always puts your well-being first. Remember that
Many problems can be solved right in your home quickly
Diagnosis and first aid.

We make health convenient and safe for you.
Trust the call service at our doctor’s house and get the highest quality
Hassle-free medical treatment. Your health is our concern!

Excellent medical care
Doctors are experienced in working in different situations
We speak different languages:

Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, English

You can count on us around the clock