An emergency call button is a technological system that sends a signal to
Medical center at the right time.
The customer receives a direct communication channel with us, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, 365 days a year.
No matter what happens to you, we will always help and provide a professional
Tips to help you.
After the customer presses the emergency call button, we receive a signal,
The medical hotline contacts the person, and if there is no response,
Emergency assistance immediately goes to the place where the signal came from.
Medical emergency centers serving emergency buttons

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What home safety devices does the ambulant have?

AmpliDECT 595 wireless compatible phone

The cordless phone with amplifier is innovative
An advanced phone suitable for the elderly and hard of hearing
Of people.
Your phone has a built-in speed dial feature using the button.
Emergency call located on the side of the phone.
The SOS feature on your phone allows you to store up to 4 emergency numbers for
Speed dial when you press the red button on the side of your phone. Apart from
Out of this, the phone also has a speed dial feature for ten additional contacts
Call with one click.

• Option to adjust the volume of the call up to 50 decibels;
• Connect directly to the hearing aid in T mode;
• Adjusting the volume of the speaker according to the user’s hearing;
• Answering machine with recording function for up to 30 minutes;
• The function of redialing the last 10 calls directly from the handset.

AliveCor home EKG device

AliveCor Kardia Mobile 6I home ECG device – your personal care
Kardia Mobile 6I is a portable EKG device intended for personal use
Usage, able to measure ECG up to 6 leads. In just 30 seconds you will receive
A cardiogram to help identify possible heart problems. It
The device is approved by the Ministry of Health, the FDA and complies with the guidelines
With the mobile app, the use of this unit becomes
Simple and convenient even at home. An EKG test can be performed b
Anytime and anywhere without restrictions and additional payments.
The package includes a personal portable EKG device Kardia Mobile with
three electrodes. Each cardiogram is automatically transmitted via
Wireless network for your smartphone or email. before purchase
Make sure this device is compatible with your phone or computer.
Use the machine and its smart algorithm to feel
Improving security and peace of mind. AliveCor Kardia Mobile 6I is your trusty one
Helps to treat the heart!

Smart cell phone + emergency button

Smart cell phone with emergency button: your reliable helper in emergency situations
Yes, we hear you and understand how important security is in every call, especially in emergency situations. Meet the M50 smartphone –
An advanced mobile phone specially designed for mature users. This customized smartphone with integrated docking station provides the ultimate ease of use and convenience for end users.
Simplicity and ease of use. The M50 has simple buttons and a user-friendly operating system, making it the perfect choice for everyone. Quick and easy use creates a perfect device setup, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and efficient experience. Emergency call button for your safety
A built-in emergency call button automatically pre-dials
Specified contacts, which provide reliable protection in critical situations. Always be safe with our smart smartphone.
Docking station – comfort and freedom. With the dock, you can make hands-free calls without picking up your device. Enjoy your conversations and even listen to your loved one
radio station at any time.
Adapted to adulthood
The M50 smartphone is specially adapted for adulthood, which makes it
The most suitable choice for men and women of the golden age. It is very efficient and useful.
Cost versus benefit – your choice
We offer value for money to meet your needs.
Need and provide a reliable assistant for every day.
Our smart cell phone with emergency button is your reliable assistant and
A protector in everyday life.

Carney emergency call button

Carney is your reliable companion in emergency situations
Karni is a master device, an example of a reliable emergency call button,
It has been proven effective many times.
Easy to use, powerful in action
Carney has a powerful built-in microphone that can be heard from anywhere in you
Bat Yam. This is the simplest and most intuitive system that has only two buttons:
Emergency call button and call cancel button.
Freedom of movement with a mobile button
Along with the main stationary system, we provide a mobile button
Emergency call, which can be worn on the wristband. lack
The need to get closer to the stationary device gives you freedom of movement
at home or even outside.
Immediate help is always there
Thanks to the high quality of the microphone, you can communicate with our
Experts from anywhere in your home. Portable push button
Like clockwork, provides for the elderly, as well as those dealing with heart
Diseases and increased risk, the possibility of calling emergency assistance inside
anytime and anywhere.
Security and support
We understand that loneliness can be scary, especially for older people.
Carney brings peace of mind and the assurance that someone always cares
How are you? Frequently asked questions about protection during
walk around the apartment or be outside the house. Mobile emergency button
Calling Carney is the perfect solution to this problem.
Choose Carney for your safety
We are proud that Carney is a reliable giving tool
Emergency help and support. By choosing us, you get a partner that always
Will be there if needed. Stay calm and protected with

Dor telephone system - fixed telephone with a Tel1000 amplifier

Dor telephone: to make calls easily and comfortably for the hearing impaired and
Visually impaired.
Dor Phone was specially designed for people with hearing and vision impairments,
Providing convenience and comfort when making calls. It’s a regular phone
Large and convenient numbers on the buttons, tuned to a special frequency for
Hearing aids that allow you to speak without removing the hearing aid from your ear.
In addition, the built-in emergency button allows for automatic contact
With a call center in one click. Complementary mobile emergency call button
A device that allows the customer to wear it on the body and eliminates the need
Physical access to the phone.
5th generation phone: more functionality for convenient use.
The 5th generation phone model has an automatic voice function
Playing the caller’s name and being able to read different actions, such as
Like a phone book and button tones, which makes using the device more
Comfortable and informative. A large and comfortable screen makes it easy to read the text
for display.
3rd generation phone: high sound quality and convenient features.
Provides high quality sound, which is especially important for the hearing impaired
users, and it also has a large display and a strong loud speaker for
Easy communication. Special lighting for visually impaired customers informs about
Incoming call, which makes using the phone more convenient and affordable.
Reliability, functionality and ease of use make our phones
The perfect choice to meet your needs.

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Emergency call button with GPS - a solution for people prone to Falls.

Emergency call button with GPS and fall sensor – your reliable solution
for safety.
Emergency call button with GPS and fall sensor is an innovative solution
For those prone to falls. Complete with a button you get mobile
A sensor that can be comfortably worn around the neck in the form of a necklace. This pendant is equipped with a button
Emergency call and fall sensor that automatically detects
happened and immediately informs the center about what happened without him
Having to push the button yourself. The sensor is fully compatible
All standards requirements, ensuring your safety and comfort.
A proven solution of the Ministry of Defense.
Emergency call button with GPS and fall sensor used by the office
Defense, which establishes it for its employees, trusts in reliability and
The effectiveness of this device. The kit also includes an easy-to-carry transmitter
Connects to your home phone line, and a bracelet/necklace for extra
fall control.
Ambulance center 24/7.
If you need help, call our ambulance
The assistance is available 24/7, provides an immediate response and
Quick response to any situation.
We are proud to provide you with an emergency call button with GPS and sensor
Fall, which ensures your safety and security. A reliable solution for
Those who value their independence and care about their safety. choose our
Emergency call button with GPS and fall sensor for peace of mind and protection inside
My day-to-day life.

Cardiobeeper device

Cardiobeeper is your reliable ECG device for home use.
Cardiobeeper is a compact EKG device with convenient and simple operation, specially designed for home use. This device transmits real data to our diagnostic center 24/7. After transmitting the device data, our doctor on duty diagnoses and decides on further treatment of the patient.
It is easy and convenient to perform an EKG at home.
The CardioBeeper button provides the ability to perform an EKG at home, eliminating the need to go to the hospital for an examination or visit a doctor. It also helps to diagnose emergency situations, if any. The process is simple – by pressing only one button and in a few minutes you
Get the test results and cardiogram interpretation from a qualified
Doctor. This is especially true for people who have had surgery. Now check
EKG at home becomes easy, cheap and above all saves
life and eliminates the need to personally visit the hospital.
Reliable results and easy to use.
The obtained results of the EKG test. Valid and suitable for all
standards, allowing you to use them before a scheduled checkup with your healthcare provider
A doctor, for a stress test or to monitor your health.
Easy to use and easy to get results.
The CardioBeeper is very easy to use and our customers will get full
Training and guidance for ongoing and correct work with him. It is important
Note that the results before or after the cardiogram decoding step can be
Receive by email conveniently and quickly in the form of a PDF file.
Cardiobeeper is a trusted partner for your heart health right at your doorstep.
You’re home.

FOXI FINDER device GPS + small track clock + emergency call button

Smart watch with GPS tracker and mobile phone with G4 tracker: always in the know
Location and always connected.
Our smart watch and mobile phone with G4 generation tracker deliver
Reliable control and communication with a person at any time of the day or night. This smart watch
provide a number of useful features, including an SOS emergency call button,
Fall sensor, remote camera, heart rate monitor and reminder function
taking medications. In addition, the smart watch is equipped with a SIM card slot, which allows you to make calls at home and on the street. Smart waterproof case
The watch provides comfort and reliability, allowing you to wear it always.
A solution for protection and security.
We developed a unique emergency call button designed for people prone to falls. The kit includes a portable sensor that is comfortable to wear
Around the neck, similar to a necklace. This button acts as a portable emergency call button and fall detector. In the event that a fall occurs, the sensor detects it automatically and sends a signal to the call center without the need
Click on the button.

Reliability and compliance with standards.
The mobile sensor is fully compliant with all necessary norms and standards,
Which ensures the reliability of its operation, without the need for manual control.
Application in various fields.
Emergency button + GPS button is widely used by the Ministry of Defense and installed for their customers. This kit includes a transmitter that
Connects to the home phone line, and a smart watch/necklace that also detects falls. Our devices are suitable for the elderly, those who
Suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and is also in kindergarten, educational
Institutions, factories, municipal employees and anyone who needs it
Reliable protection and communication.
Choose our smart watch and mobile phone with the G4 tracker to always be aware and ensure your safety. Reliability, simplicity and
Versatility is what makes our devices the perfect choice for your well-being.

Stay safe with Ambulant!

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