Reliable ambulance services - your safety in everything call.

Rescue at home.
When every minute counts, our professional medics will arrive on time
to your home to assist you in lifting and transporting to the vault
Place. Our staff is trained to act effectively in emergency situations and
ensure your safety.
Evacuation by ambulance is your salvation in critical situations.
We offer professional removal services with the help of a team
Ambulance to ensure your safety and comfort in difficulty
Evacuation according to doctor’s orders.
If the doctor recommends evacuation to the hospital, our experienced specialists
will immediately answer the call and take you to the nearest doctor
institution on the recommendation of the attending physician.

Evacuation at the customer’s request.
We are ready to provide assistance as per your request. If you or your loved ones
Feel the need for medical evacuation, our experts will answer
for your call and provide reliable support throughout the journey
You can trust our experience.
We are a team of experienced paramedics ready to answer a call at any time.
Your safety and comfort is our primary concern. Let us deliver
You are a reliable helper when it matters most. our team
An ambulance is always ready to be near you and deliver
Professional service under conditions that require immediate
Professionalism and experience.
We are proud of our professional experience and our commitment to quality. our
The emergency medicine service consists of highly qualified people
Professionals who work together to provide you with the best medicine
Your safety is our primary mission.
With us, you can be sure that your safety and health are our top priority.
handle. The reliability and professionalism of our team are your guarantee for peace of mind
Anywhere and anytime.

Doctors are experienced in working in different situations
We speak different languages:

Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, English

You can count on us around the clock