Emergency call center
Emergency medical care for the whole family


Mobile phone with the help button CL8350
Quality product for people with hearing impairments. Unique mobile phone that fits the needs of people with hearing loss.

Large LCD display , large comfortable keys, volume controls and speaker phone, magnifier volume up to 40 dB, speaker for conversation without lifting the handset.

Power control and refinement of sound, also suitable for implanted cochlear implant.

The machine will have an indicator light that alerts you of an incoming call.

Multi-language menu, sending and receiving text messages, calendar, speed dial keys on the phone, call + SMS emergency emergency simultaneously up to 6 fixed numbers.

Modern, simple and easy to use device DORO / DORO 615
Easy to use. Easy to use menus. Large display . Large comfortable keys.

Good audibility. Especially high power speaker. Supports Hearing Aids (M3/T4).

Comfortable and safe. Help button to access directly to the Emergency Center 3 speed dial buttons. 3.2MP camera.

For more than 35 years doro company is the leading producer of handsets that meet the special needs of the elderly.

Direct connection to the emergency call center. You can feel safe, no matter where you were. Channel automatic and free communication with the emergency call center.


Personal Guardian (wireless device)
The corps device made in the form of a wristwatch, mounted simkarty cellular, which operates in an emergency. This device can be called the latest innovation in the field of personal and public safety. It is produced using the latest technology PERS (Personal Emergency Response System - individual emergency response system). The apparatus is provided with an emergency call button and a cellular unit, which, if necessary sends a warning signal. Device ensures the wearer receive immediate assistance center. Intercom allows speech communication with predetermined numbers (with family members, neighbors , or your doctor) and receive calls from any person or from the center.

Personal Guardian (wireless device) + GPS detector
Safety device and control, which can be attached to clothing and is provided with a GPS (navigation system) that allows to determine the precise location of a person, GPS antenna and integrated.

Your device supports Geofencing (virtual border), which provides precise positioning and immediate assistance to users who are in an emergency situation, do not know their location.

Communication device capable of establishing voice communication with predetermined numbers (with family members, neighbors, or your doctor) and receive calls from any person, or at the center.