Emergency call center
Emergency medical care for the whole family


Ambulant Company Ltd. has professional relationships with many rehabilitation institutions across the country, suitable for patients who need rehabilitation period after surgery, catheterization, and more.

Ambulant Company Ltd. helps its customers to match the most suitable rehabilitation center, fitting to each customer’s needs by location, health condition, type of surgery and personal requests.

After a broad and extensive testing we present to the customer the best options for him, so he can choose the institution to which he wants to go for rehabilitation with peace of mind and without worries about the caregiver teams, the level of assistance which is provided to each patient, explanation about the services such as emergency buttons, physicians’ examination and all the patient needs for a quick and comfortable recovery.

We are specialized in professional guidance and can warmly recommend a number of excellent institutions rigorously tested by our teams to provide assistance in pleasant and professional way to every patient who applies through us to a specific institution.

Ambulant Company Ltd. takes responsibility for professional and personal guidance, suitable to the unique needs of each patient.