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Ambulant Company Ltd. offers its home nursing services, with understanding that sometimes nursing in the hospital or other nursing home involves uncertainty and discomfort to the patient, as well as sometimes discomfort to his close family members who get to visit him often and sit next to him in a less natural environment for him and them.

Also the feeling of an institution or hospital is, often more alienated and estranged than patient's own home, where he feels comfortable.

To enable you to go through this difficult period with maximum comfort, Ambulant Company Ltd. established the current service that provides individual supervision by experienced and skilled workers at the home of the patient.

Ambulant Company Ltd. works with many companies, well-known by their experience in providing private home nursing services by professional experienced caregivers the best you can find.

Also, since Ambulant works with several companies, each with many employees, you can get trained and professional work quickly or immediately, thanks to the large and diverse database that we have at our disposal.

We can provide the best and most appropriate assistance for each patient, based on his wishes, ability and health condition in order to help him through this difficult period in a most pleasant possible manner.