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Emergency medical care for the whole family


Ambulant Company Ltd. offers a service of close medical escort, all the way.

The medical escort service includes various experienced professional personnel, such as physicians, nurses and paramedics.

Ambulant Company Ltd. takes care about accompanying of our qualified and skilled professional personnel, who will care for a patient in every step along the way, for various patients.

Therefore we are able to provide most suitable treatment to each patient, with closely and individual medical escort, with a warm and dedicated attitude, care and sensitivity.

Ambulant Company Ltd. is specialized in closely medical escort, since the patient is collected, till his arrival to his destination, safely and securely. Along all the way, the Ambulant Company Ltd. team will provide gracious and dedicating service, and most important, professional and reliable.

When you are escorted by Ambulant Company Ltd, you can be calm that each patient reaches his destination safely and comfortably as possible.

With an assortment of necessary equipment, new vehicles and experienced and skilled team you can be confident that you will get the best possible service.