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Emergency medical care for the whole family


Ambulant Company Ltd. uses an air ambulance, for transferring the patients and the deceased from one place to another, according to demand.

Air ambulance is a process of air transportation of the deceased or of the patient, accompanied by skilled medical team, who escorts the patient or the deceased all the way, with dedication, care and maximum sensitivity to his condition.

The medical team which includes professional and experienced physicians, nurses and paramedics, will escort the air-transferred patient all the way, they taking care of all his personal and medical needs, which could be encountered during the transportation.

The medical team is aware and informed of the patient's condition, and has the equipment, specific to the patient’s condition, necessary medications and all the equipment necessary for various emergency situations.

Ambulant Company Ltd. offers to its customers the most advanced air ambulance in Israel, with the best, the most professional and comprehensive service.

The air ambulance service is a unique service, which requires a lot of professionalism and many years of experience. Ambulant Company Ltd. has such experience and highly professional employees, who are skilled in various situations.