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Ambulant Company Ltd. offers air transportation services, for the deceased and also for patients who need private air transportation services to various destinations worldwide.

When we need to transport a patient, Ambulant Company Ltd. provides accompanying complete professional medical team, which includes: physicians, nurses and paramedics.

The patient’s air transportation service includes preparation of the patient for flight, and transferring him to airport, closely accompanied by professional team.

We will make arrangements with various airlines, order tickets, take care of all the necessary forms and provide escort of medical staff throughout the process.

Air transportation of the deceased includes the same process without the medical team, taking care of all bureaucratic processes that could be encountered in a complex process of air transportation of the deceased, various adjustments with the airlines, the airport where it lands, and an external company which takes care of coffin collection, documentation and maintaining continuous contact throughout the process.

Among the air transportation services of patients and deceased persons by Ambulant Company Ltd. you can also use the following services:

  • Air Ambulance
  • Medical Escort
  • Preparation and transfer of a patient designated for the flight
  • Air transporting of the deceased according to aviation regulations