Emergency call center
Emergency medical care for the whole family


From now on you are not alone!
Emergency dispatch subscription and emergency alert buttons of Ambulant guarantee you and all your family peace of mind and personal security 24 hours a day.

Ambulant offers subscribers a wide range of service bundles to choose from.

Services provided to subscribers by the dispatch center:

  • Ordering emergency services:
    • Ambulance, police, firefighters
    • Calling the physician for a house call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (Including holidays and weekends)
    • Ambulance for emergency evacuation to the hospital free of charge if there was no hospitalization. (Full refund in case of hospitalization)
    • Medical assistant or nurse services at the subscriber’s home for administering injections, bandaging, disinfections etc.
    • Helping up in case of a fall or inability to stand up by paramedical team 24 hours a day
    • Transportation by ambulance for treatment or between hospitals and home from the hospital
  • Tele-Medicine services include:
    • Medical consultation by phone with doctor or paramedic
    • ECG at home by the 12-channel ECG transmission
    • Contacting and maintaining contact with family members
    • Personal support hotline by certified, trained and polite dispatchers, experienced in medical services
    • Repair services by professionals (plumbing, electricity, locksmith services, carpentry etc.)
  • Superintendent services include:
    • Small repairs at the subscriber’s home
    • Supervision of professionals’ activity
    • Assistance in purchasing medications
    • Aid and assistance in the subscriber’s home
    • Accompanying to tests and imaging
    • Helping with moving the appointments ahead

Upon your joining the Ambulant dispatch services as subscribers, you will enjoy peace of mind, personal security and, if necessary, even a personal support from dispatchers team experienced in healthcare services.