Emergency call center
Emergency medical care for the whole family


Ambulant Company Ltd. provides to its customers a doctor house call service.

This service intended for cases where the client doesn’t feel good and is unable to or doesn’t want to leave the house. Sometimes leaving the house becomes difficult and almost impossible, for this purpose.

There is a doctor house call service, all day, every day and all year round.

In Ambulant emergency dispatch center there are experienced and professional physicians, who’re dedicated and working around the clock and waiting for calls from different customers who need them.

The doctor, who arrives at your home, is equipped with all required supply to provide first and urgent aid to the customer, such as: medicines for first aid and for further treatment, inhalers, ECG, blood pressure and sugar and urine testing device on the spot, for fast, effective and qualitative diagnosis.

The doctor house call service includes:

  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • First aid
  • Administering initial medicines to begin treating the customer
  • Proving a prescription for further treatment according to doctor’s diagnosis
  • Referral to the emergency room when needed