Emergency call center
Emergency medical care for the whole family


Ambulant Company Ltd. provides private emergency medical services.

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide a reliable, quick and efficient service.
You can call an ambulance through us by one-time direct call or join our regular customer database and enjoy personal, continuous and low-cost service.

Ambulant Company Ltd. is an established company, which has run ambulance service since 1992.
We have more than 10 modern and safe ambulances and professional medical staff, trained and skilled in dealing with emergency situations.
We provide our ambulance services across the country, both to private clients and different public institutions.

Our ambulance services include:

  • Emergency evacuation by ambulance
  • Transferring patients from place to place with the support and assistance of professionals
  • Transporting dialysis patients to treatments in hospitals, private clinics and various HMOs
  • Medical support at the events
  • Transporting patients with impaired mobility, including taking the passenger up and/or down safely.

We offer you the service that fits you personally and we are available also during the most difficult moments and in real time.